Atar Parfume Anthology
Atar Parfume Anthology
Atar Parfume Anthology
Atar Parfume Anthology

Atar Parfume Anthology - Butterfly

Precious ultra concentrated oil perfumes

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Exotic scented woods, oriental resins, fruits with sparkling notes and delicate flower petals blend in inextricably and unusually in very precious scented oils. They are not just a simple perfumes collection, they are sublime body fragrances. Encased in an exclusive jewellery box a convenient and ideal roll-on to be taken with you all the times thanks to the safest and most protective glass available on the market.

#3 - Butterfly: The lightness of flapping wings. Flowery, green: green note, bergamot from calabria, comoro islands ylang-ylang. Flowery: egyptian jasmine, turkish rose, violet of france, lily of the valley, indian hyacinth. Woody and musky: haitian vetiver, india hibiscus, habelmoschus.


The word Atar, of Indo-Iranian origin, dates back to the Zoroastrian perio. It means "divine fire", "visible and invisible fire", source of light and heat. Essence (of flowers) "spices", "perfumes", natural floral aromas created by slow and tempereture distillation. A true passion for well being:  home fragrances and natural cosmetics to accompany blissful relaxing moments. Atar’s products are natural, ecological and hand made, with elegant designs; true modern craftsmanship. Absolute devotion to our job, research into style and design, naturalness of our products best express our values.

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