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Atar Lux Sulphur Cylinder

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Stick from natural crystal sulphur

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Made up of pure sulphur power which is both related to proteins collagen synthesis. This is a key element for the wellbeing of skin, nails and hair. Used on skin, it can discharge electrostatic charges causing acute pain, such as stiff neck or cervical pain.


The word Atar, of Indo-Iranian origin, dates back to the Zoroastrian perio. It means "divine fire", "visible and invisible fire", source of light and heat. Essence (of flowers) "spices", "perfumes", natural floral aromas created by slow and tempereture distillation. A true passion for well being:  home fragrances and natural cosmetics to accompany blissful relaxing moments. Atar’s products are natural, ecological and hand made, with elegant designs; true modern craftsmanship. Absolute devotion to our job, research into style and design, naturalness of our products best express our values.

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