Cuccio Pro Zebra Straight 180 / 180 grit

Cuccio Pro Zebra Straight File - 180 / 180 grit

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A premium straight grey nail file with a 180/180 grit surface ideally suited for natural nails. The high-quality abrasive paper is washable and extremely durable. Excellent comfort of use thanks to the robust centre, the good foam and the quality abrasive paper.

Each file is individually packed in a hygienic plastic wrapper.

The nail files follow the standard Grit designation. The smaller the Grit value is, the rougher the file. The 2-part designation refers to both sides of the file (for example, a 100/100 file has 100 grit on both sides, a 100/180 file has a 100 grit and a 180 grit side).

Use principally:

  • Under 180 grit for gel nails
  • 180 - 240 grit for natural nails
  • 240 grit and over for finishing and glossing

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