TTTatto Bracelets and necklaces Set - Gold Expand

TTTatto Bracelets and necklaces Set - Gold

TTTattoo TTTattoo



Set of 11 metallic bracelets and necklaces tattoos. They are great for parties, Saturday night, festivals, etc. Mix this golden and silver temporary tattoo with real jewelry for a original and magical look.

  • Set of 11 tattoos
  • Safe & non-toxic

TTTattoo is a temporary tattoos company based in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, that designs and markets originals and personalized temporary tattoos for adults, kids and teens. Why Temporary tattoos? Because they are fun and their are a cool fashion accessory. Safety is a priority for TTTattoo. All our temporrary tattoos are non-toxic and safe for everyone who wears them. We ensure that every temporary tattoo is made in accordance with current safety certifications and international regulatory standards. TTTattoo comply with FDA. In addition we guarantee they meet the standards of the cosmetic and toy industries. However, if your skin is very sensitive, or if you are allergic to adhesives, we do not recommend wearing TTTattoos.

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